Sašo Cvek – Tracking Judge

Sašo Cvek and Kid

I was born in 1965 in Celje, Slovenia. I am working in cynology for over 25 years, as instructor, helper and track layer. I am international judge for utility dogs since 2011. I'm vice president of the Commission for utility dogs at the Cynological Association of Slovenia and an active member of our local club. I have been judging in Slovenia, other European Countries and Rusia. Currently I'm preparing my dog for higher exams and competitions.

I've been participating at:
  • National championships CACT, CACIT and IPO-FH- track layer / track supervisor / judge
  • FCI IPO World Championship Nova Gorica 2001 - track layer
  • FCI IPO World Championship Nova Gorica 2006 - track layer
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Grosuplje 2005 - track layer
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Grosuplje 2010 - track layer
  • World Championship for German Boxer in tracking Maribor 2011 - supervisor judge
  • FCI IPO-FH European Championship Italy 2013 - judge
  • FCI IPO World Championship Nova Gorica 2016 - technical manager
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Ptuj 2017 - technical manager
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Slovakia 2018 - judge
Membership of the Slovenian National Team:
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship France 2009 - competitor
  • FCI IPO World Championship Austria 2009 - team leader
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Croatia 2011 - competitor/team leader
  • FCI IPO-FH World Championship Germany 2012 - competitor
  • FCI IPO-FH European Championship Slovakia 2010 - competitor/team leader
  • FCI IPO-FH European Championship Austria 2011 - competitor/team leader
  • FCI IPO World Championship Italia 2018 - team leader

David Garcia – Obedience Judge

Obedience Judge

My love for animals tooked me to do studys of Biology and veterinary. I discovered my passion for dogs and specially for the utility dog during my studies. I started my career as Profesional dog trainer at 1991. After some years of experience and research in 2003, I promoted and directed a pioneer Public Service in Spain creating the Canine school of Malaga Council Hall. The school is still active nowadays and promotes new concepts and ideas to improve the adaptation and well behavior of dogs in urban environments.

As part of my passion, I have practiced several dog sport with my team, but mainly IGP and Obedience international program. Our team has accomplished good success in Spanish championships, one time winner 2012, podium 6 times, also more than 12 qualifications for world championships with different breeds, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd and Doberman.

As judge I had the honor to judge several selection trails, Spanish National championships and one Atibox championship.

I am very honored with the invitation and looking forward to meet the wonderful dog sport teams that join the competition.

Marc-Oliver Radke – Protection Judge

Marc-Oliver Radke

My name is Marc-Oliver Radke, I am 42 and live in the south of Germany near Stuttgardt. I have been in dog sports since 1988. I have competed in many national championships in IPO and IPO-FH with my own dogs and many FCI and FMBB World Championships. I work as a police dog handler and trainer.

I became a judge for police dogs in 2010 and in 2012 became a DMC judge. I have experience judging national competitions in Germany and other European countries. In 2018 I had the honor of judging the FMBB World Championship in Adjovscina/Slovenia.